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Other Services

Powers of Touch offers a variety of additional services to complement the therapeutic benefits of a massage. These services may be requested separately, or along with a massage appointment. Following are these additional services, along with our prices:

A natural and non-invasive healing art which stimulates reflex points in the hands and feet. Its benefits include:

  • Unblocking nerve impulses
  • Improving lymph drainage
  • Promoting relaxation and restoring balance
30 min. - $35   |   60 min. - $65
Reiki (pronounced ray-key)
In Japanese, "Universal (rei) Life (ki)". A gentle, non-invasive ancient form of hands-on healing. The practitioner channels universal energy through the hands to the client, promoting healing on all four levels: physical, emotional, spritual and mental.
  • Calms emotions
  • Balances chakras and aura energy
  • Helps with the healing process
  • Reduces tension and stress
30 min. - $35   |   60 min. - $65
Paraffin Bath
Warm wax is applied to problem areas to gently warm muscles and joints. A parrafin bath:
  • Helps arthritic joints
  • Helps stiff joints and sprains
  • Relieves bursitis pain
  • Improves skin tone
$15 per treatment
Special Requests
Powers of Touch can tailor services to accomodate a variety of special events and requests, including:
  • Bridal party massage
  • Couples Massage
  • In home massage
  • On-site corporate chair massage
  • Side by side separate massage

Gift Certificates Available
  • Anniversary
  • Birthday
  • Holiday
  • Special Occasion
  • For someone special